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Health Benefits of Masturbation

What is the stigma that is circulating in the community about masturbation? None other could not not it assessed as an act of self-abuse, physical illness, and psychological disorders. The study mentions that 38 percent female and 61 percent of masturbating regularly. Wouldn't the percentage is too large for a psychological disorder?

Benefits of Masturbation

If you include in the percentage, you do not directly concerned. It turns out there are a few medical and psychological benefits from masturbating. Some of the points below will make Your remorse toward the habit of easing.

side effects of masterburate for woman
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1. Prevent depression

In a State of stress, fret, and be in the pressure, sometimes masturbate flashed in your mind as a solution. True existence that masturbating can prevent depression. Masturbating can increase the production of endorphins.

Endorphins is a hormone that can give rise to pleasure yourself. It can also happen to you if you do sports. Logic isn't what we do when masturbation resemble sports?

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2. Reduce the risk of cervical cancer

Masturbation by women more taboo than masturbation in males. However, it turned out to be medically can reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Research shows that movement in masturbating may protect yourself from cervical infection due to orgasms on a regular basis can Flex the cervix.

Later, the women's movement did while masturbation can help the fluid full cervical bacteria out of your body.

3. Helps you to sleep

Like sports, apparently masturbating lower your blood pressure and can position you in a relaxed state. With a relaxed physical condition and psychological being made love to by increasing the hormone endorphins, you are in the best conditions for sleep. Then, masturbation is a good idea before you sleep, not when waking up and just about to start the activity.

4. Reduce abdominal pain when menstruation

The study said that women masturbation can prevent menstrual pain when in the menstrual phase.

5. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer

The research mentioned in the American Urogical Annual Meeting suggested for men in order to masturbate at least once a month in order to help prevent prostate cancer.

daily masterbution is good for health
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6. Increase the body's immune

Masturbation can improve immune function. That happens when masturbating is the increased levels of cortisol, a hormone that can regulate the immune function in small doses.

7. Release the safest sexual desire

In life, sexual desire is very normal existence. And know that masturbation is how to vent the safest sexual desire. This is far better than finding an opponent's sexual intercourse that is not known, because it is more threatening various possibilities of illness or pregnancy outside the will.

8. Prevent premature ejaculation

Masturbating makes you more observant can measure your abilities in the refrain to arrive at orgasm phase. Therefore, masturbation can be used as a therapy for yourself in fun couples.

 benefits of masturabation in the morning
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9. Increases sperm quality

Some studies state that masturbate before sexual intercourse with a partner can improve sperm quality. It happens because on your first ejaculation will indirectly disposing of sperm that was already "old".

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10. Prevent flu and fever

A recent study States that in the activity of masturbation will reduce the swelling in your nasal duct. It helps you in moving away from the risk of catching the flu or having a fever.

11. Preventing coronary heart attack

A study conducted by Dr. Sharon Stills stated that female orgasm routines will help you prevent of a coronary heart attack risk.

12. Strengthening the organs of sex in women

The routine of doing masturbation is a benefit to train the muscles of the vagina, clitoris, and sections on a woman's sex organs. It can bring about benefits when you have sex with your partner.

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