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Benefits of Soursop Leaves

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Benefits of Soursop Leaves - Soursop is the one fruit that is quite popular in Indonesia. It tastes sweet to make soursop fruit favored by society. In addition to the sweet taste of soursop also has many benefits for the health of the body. Not just fruit, soursop leaf also has many benefits for health.
Unfortunately, many of us haven't learned that Indonesia community benefits of soursop leaf to the health of the body. For example, back pain sufferers can use a soursop leaves to cure this complaint. Coupled with the use of drugs that has been mixed with a chemical to cure back pain will definitely cause it to side effects. We need to know soursop leaves most herbal remedy is effective and good in treating back pain without the slightest cause negative effects.

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This time we will discuss the benefits of soursop leaf for human hair. Hair is a Crown for women. In addition to women, for men hair also has an important role to their appearance. In terms of function, the hair has an important function to keep the human head.
Soursop leaf is known to have the ability to inhibit the growth of the parasite that grows in skin head, because it is said can cause disorders of the hair like dandruff and lice.
Usage is quite easy, you just need to boil the soursop leaves 10-20 minutes and then use the water decoction for shampooing. The effect can help remove parasites including head lice and dandruff is caused by a parasite.

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