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Benefits of having sex for woman

Benefits of having sex for woman
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There may be many herbal medicines that helps nourish the body and is safe for consumption, but nothing as enjoyable as the activity of making love.

According to a study of sex, it turns out it can be a potent drug for womenfolk. Such as relieving stress, prevent obesity, can even overcome the disorder insomnia.

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Benefits of Having Sex for Woman

The following are some of the benefits of sex for your life, womenfolk

1. Prevent menstruation pain

Still love the cramps coming month? Try to have sex on a regular basis. Each of a woman having an orgasm, it will trigger the contractions in the uterus so that it can eliminate menstrual cramps. This way can also help bleed more quickly, thus reducing the days of menstruation.

2. Appear younger

A study conducted by Dr. David Weeks of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital found, people who have sex 4 times a week will make someone appear 10 years younger. This is triggered by the oxytocin that is formed in a session of lovemaking.

3. Eliminate headaches

Making love when the headache is indeed less favors, but this way is a powerful weapon to relieve migraines. According to Dr. Alexander Mauskop of the New York Headache Center, endorphins are released when making love can make a person into feeling good. The sensation of an orgasm felt can reduce pain in the head.

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Sex Kill stress
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4. Sex Kill stress

Research from the University of the West of Scotland found that people who have sex at least twice a week may far from stress. The reason is almost similar with the headache that is the presence of hormonal release of endorphins or like oxytocin that helps prevent anxiety and depression.

5. improve your immune

Sex on a regular basis can make you fall sick easily. According to a study conducted at Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, people often do have sex levels of immunoglobulins antigen A 30 percent higher, compared with those who did not. This Antigen protects the body against colds and flu.

6. Prevent Obesity

Obesity is a serious problem in the world today. If not go to the gym can be a solution for you, try having sex. A study conducted by William Masters and Virginia Johnson showed that men burn 4.2 calories, and women burn calories for every minute 3.1 in the activity of making love. That's the reason why sex control your weight

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