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Must Know, The Habbit that Cause Acne and Blackheads

Must Know, The Habbit that Cause Acne and Blackheads
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Has a face with excess oil production would usually prone to acne affected.

Must Know, The Habbit that Cause Acne and Blackheads - Blackheads-headed black oxidised due directly exposed to the outside air. When the air in contact with sebum, it will generate a blackish color in the head blackheads. Sebum itself is secreted skin material with the purpose of protecting and maintaining skin elasticity. But when too much production, sebum cersama dead epidermal cells that clog the pores.

Dirty hands can aggravate blackheads

Although exasperated face entrenched black acne on the face, do not take reckless measures to eliminate them. Instead of immediately eliminating, try some of the action below so that the condition does not worsen.

Touching the face indiscriminate

Touching blackheads black with bare hands, even with his own hands, should be avoided. Hand is one of the most frequently come into contact with other objects. This makes the hand is likely to be a nest of bacteria and various impurities. So, do not let the hand transfer of bacteria to the face and cause blackheads.

The Habbit that Cause Acne and Blackheads
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Squeezing blackheads with your fingers

If touched carelessly should be avoided, especially if the squeeze blackheads black with open arms. The fingers are used to squeeze the blackheads may be precisely to make blackheads worse. Dirt and bacteria on the fingers quite possibly migrate into the pores. In addition, the squeeze blackheads prone grow bumps on the skin.

Wearing the wrong cleaning blackheads

When the streets to the shopping centers often offer blackheads remover tool of a tool made of metal? Consider the negative effects that may be present on the device that can be used alone in this house. Wearing these tools independently is quite risky considering this tool is media-friendly for germs. Another reason that makes someone should get away from this tool is because it can lead to scarring.

Wearing the ultra abrasive exfoliants

Wearing a product that can peel the skin of dead cells may be useful to remove blackheads black. However, you should avoid using these products that are ultra-abrasive, especially if you have sensitive skin. The use of detergents such products can cause irritation to the skin and lead to deepening of blackheads. One sign of exfoliating products are ultra-abrasive is causing pain during use.

Rarely face wash

Routinely washing your face acts to make someone look more attractive. In addition to making the skin more clean, a good habit is to minimize the risk exposed face of blackheads. As we know, blackheads stand silent in the dirty skin. Therefore, wash your face at least twice daily in the morning and evening should be routinely performed.

If in everyday life always use cosmetics, it should be cleaned thoroughly before bed. Went to bed without makeup on the face is strongly recommended that the blackheads are not getting worse. In order to avoid skin of excess oil production, continue to apply moisturizer to the face.

Washing reluctant Pillow

Despite washing the face before going to bed, face still allowing bacteria and dead skin cells. Then where they nest when someone is asleep at night? Pillowcases answer. Therefore, do not let dirt and bacteria from the face to accumulate too long on pillowcases used. Wash it at least once a week can help reduce the risk of more severe black blackheads.

In addition to avoiding a variety of actions that could worsen the condition of the black blackheads on the face at the top, avoiding clothes and cosmetics that make the skin should be avoided as well insulated. Also avoid the condition that makes the body secrete excessive sweating and the room with high hummidity.

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