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Easy Way Clean Blackheads and Whiteheads

Easy Way Clean Blackheads and Whiteheads
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Easy Way Clean Blackheads and Whiteheads - Blackheads white is a kind of acne that appear as small white dots on the skin. This white Blackheads are formed as a result of dead skin cells and oil mixed and trapped within the pores.

White Blackheads are also called closed comedones because the end is covered by skin. The existence of the white blackheads shown to interfere with the appearance and risk of developing more bad.But do not worry because a lot of ways that you can try to help eliminate it.

blackheads and whiteheads

Try to Overcome Yourself at Home
Undeniably, do facials at home have an important role in eliminating blackheads and white in the face. What you can do at home?

Washing or cleaning the face

Home care has a major role in efforts to eliminate blackheads and white. Clean your face regularly twice a day. Choose a mild soap and watch your movements when washing the face. Avoid scrubbing too hard because the face can actually make acne from worsening.

Using acne medication

Select the acne medications containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid works to clean the dead skin cells that can help open the blockage of the pores. Excess oil can cause blackheads and white can be reduced thanks to these substances. Meanwhile, benzoyl peroxide function is to help eradicate the bacteria in pores in acne.

In order for these two substances can work optimally, be aware of how to use it. Clean your face first before treated and do not directly applying acne medications. Wait 5-15 minutes so as not to trigger irritation of the skin.

Avoid excessive use of acne medicine so as not to overdose and cause inflamed skin and can grow even more blackheads and white. In addition, immediately went to the doctor when things happen unexpectedly, as happened skin rash, swelling, itching, or blisters.

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Apply tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy that may be effective against a white blackheads. The use of tea tree oil in treating blackheads and white is much longer than taking benzoyl peroxide, but the chances of side effects, such as inflammation of the skin, is considerably lower.

How to use it too easy, you just use a product containing five percent tea tree oil once a day by means of using cotton rub. So that the healing process is faster, you can use twice a day. Allow the tea tree oil that has been smeared onto the surface of the white blackheads for 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with water until clean. Do this for 45 days.

The thing to remember is tea tree oil is for external use only. You should not drink it because it is toxic to the digestive system. In addition, do not use on skin that is injured or problematic because it can irritate.

Consult a Physician

In addition to treatment at home, there is no harm to check white blackheads on your face to a medic, especially if the white blackheads do not heal well within 1-2 months.

If after being given care at home, it turns white blackheads acne flourish into a hard lump shaped red or sore to the touch? If so, you have to get treatment from a dermatologist. White blackheads risk of developing into nodules or cysts at risk of scarring if handled alone.

Topical retinoid medications can also be given to address blackheads and white, as well as prevent it from coming again in the future. Vitamin A is contained in the retinoid substances that allows the selection of the treatment is successful. Do not be surprised when there is irritation of the skin causes mild irritation is a risk that may occur when you use retinoids.

White blackheads indeed seem small and annoying, but avoid gouged-cungkilnya with your fingernails because it allows blackheads become more difficult to cure, irritate the skin, worsening the condition of blackheads, can even cause infection.

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